First Story

The First Ones were created by the goddess Hyllia. The slowly grew and built until they created Bybil, their home. Soon, they tried to build a large tower to reach the gods home. Spira, quickly took actions and made the First Ones into the three main races today. Humans, elves and dwarves.

Some elves felt betrayed by Hyllia’s actions and started to worship, Morpheus. They worshipped him by becoming nocturnal and excellent night fighters. Morpheus asked Spira to bless them again and make them more adept to their new way of life. And the orcs were greatful.

The dwarves started to worship Agiro, the god of the land. For this favor, Agiro blessed them with great instinct for finding precious gems. This would start the symbiotic relationship they have with the humans.

The humans were the ones who most closely resemble the First Ones. They still continue to worship Hyllia and feel that all races shall become one again when they repent for the evils of trying to live in the realm of the gods.

First Story

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